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Next-Gen 3D Virtual Reality Immersive Learning Platform


Get started with University Of One Partnership today

UO1 network is built to offer you the best outcomes from state of the art learning environment. Our partners are colleges & universities who like to offer their courses through online and next generation virtual reality immersive learning platform. We will help you with a wide range of services including development, hosting, consultation, training, installation and integration among others.


Introducing Digital Time Traveling for learners

University Of One helps you to digitally travel back in time, visit ancient realities & learn with-in that time frame. A unique Immersive learning platform that allows students to visit ancient past, & experience that realities while learning. Student login as a digital avatar in a virtual world, follow academic quests in a fully immersive subjective 3D virtual world.

This is amazingly unique and the overall learning experience in mind blowing. 

I felt like jumped into another dimension. This is what i call future of learning.

Beyond my wild dreams. I felt like i moved to a totally different dimension. 

This is what i call the future. With such a beautiful user interface & VR environments i enjoyed classes. 

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