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Immersive Learning

Conduct your courses within 3D Virtual Reality Immersive Subjective Environments.


Introducing Digital Time Traveling for learners

Travel back in time, visit ancient realities & learn with-in that reality

A unique Immersive learning platform that allows students to visit past, experience ancient realities while learning. Student login as a digital avatar in a virtual world, follow academic quests in a fully immersive 3D virtual world.

Window Light in Church

Subjective Immersive Virtual Worlds

Subjective reality & you 

Subjective Immersive Virtual Worlds are designed & programmed in a such a way that they look & feel totally relevant to present academic topics / subject. 

Basketball Player

Jump in as a Digital Avatar

Login to your class in a virtual environment as a virtual avatar

Jump in as a digital avatar. Start the quest in high-end photorealistic digital 3D universe. Visit different worlds, experience the reality while learning. Class lectures will be available within 3D virtual worlds as videos, readable text, audio lectures or in pdf format.   


Always Remain Connected

Teamwork does matter

Never study alone. Always remain connected with your class mates, teachers and the people you loved within virtual world(s) through Whats App platform.

Virtual Reality In Education


VR Learning Platform works everywhere. The platform works smoothly on Windows 10 & Apple OSX hardware. You can also use it along with Virtual Reality head mounted (Google Cardboard VR) compatible hardware powered with Android mobile. 

Output can also be projected and experienced through big screen television. A flat television screen is enough to create illusion of immersion. It is powerful enough to completely immerse the user inside the virtual world, giving the impression to the user that he/she has “stepped inside” the synthetic world. Big TV screen project digital reality just in front of the eyes and allows users to focus on display without distraction. 

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